2020 Escape ST?

By James Stanley

Bluejacket Creative ©2019

Bluejacket Creative ©2019

Some spy shots of the all new 2020 Ford Escape have been released from Motor1.com and as usual, we can see tons of eye spinning wraps that really makes it difficult to see the lines of the body. What we can see is that it has an all new front end that is closer to the new 2019 Focus ST in Europe, a sportier side profile closer to the Ford Edge, and a rear end that sports a dual exhaust.

What we found interesting with one of the Escapes photographed was that it had several ST design cues. The most obvious was the paint color. It looks an awful lot like Ford Performance Blue which is used by Ford for their performance cars for official photography. To be fair, it is an optional color now for a couple of different vehicles, but all have a performance variant to them. The second thing we noticed was the vehicle behind the Escape, which is an 2020 Ford Explorer ST. It would make sense that they would be testing out the vehicles at the same time if they are scheduled to be released in the same lineup. This brings us to the third part, the grill. If you look at the pattern within the grill, it very closely resembles the pattern found on the Explorer ST grill. There have been spy photos of two other Escapes including one in Ingot Silver and one in Shadow Black. Both of those Escapes have slightly different grill patterns, which leads us to believe this Performance Blue Escape is one that is a bit more than meets the eye. Add fog lights to the mix as well as different wheels, and it all but seems to be official…

Well, we took the time in Photoshop to peel back the vinyl camouflage, to get a better look at this new Escape. Minus a few minor details, this should be a fairly close rendering of the actual vehicle. We would expect an Ecoboost option to include a 1.5L for the standard models, and possibly the new 2.3L 4-Cylinder Ecoboost found in the new European Focus ST to be under the hood of an ST Escape. Now if we could only get Ford to give us a 3-Pedal option, and those of us already missing the Focus ST here stateside might have a viable option that falls well under the Edge ST price-wise.

For now, we can only speculate as to an ST Escape, but it would make sense to have an ST option under the Edge, and since the Escape is basically a Focus that somebody sneezed too hard in, it all just seems to make sense.

James Stanley