The all new 2020 Explorer goes under the Photoshop Knife!


Can you believe that it’s 25 years old? Most of us had one in the family, or at least knew a family with one at some point in your life. For me, the 1st generation holds a special place in my memory. One movie in particular elevated the Explorer to stardom with giant T-Rex’s chasing it around an island of Dinosaurs. Since then, the Explorer has taken its bumps and lumps with some questionable Firestone Tires, cracking rear tailgate panels, roll-over issues, and along with just about ever other car on the road, Takata Airbags.. For most vehicles, any one of these issues would mean the end of the nameplate for good. Think of the Pinto. It had one major flaw, but it was never able to recover even though the issue was fixed. The Pontiac Fiero was a fun and forward thinking mid-engine coupe that was a blast to drive. The 1st model year suffered from engine fires that were easily fixed by removing a little piece of weatherstripping, yet the car couldn’t grow past the issue. The Explorer on the other hand has continued to grow in popularity and in sales every single year it has been in production. Even during the gas price hikes, the Explorer still outpaced all of its competitors. Several generations later, we finally see a true ford factory sports SUV. The all new 2020 Explorer boasts some pretty cool features including standard REAR wheel drive, even wider stance, a plethora of tech features, and for the first time ever, an ST trim level!

In the past there have been performance versions of the Explorer including Saleen and Roush, but those weren’t really factory built performance vehicles. This time, the Ford Performance Team has given the all new platform the once over and its impressive. Just the idea of 400 horsepower and rear wheel drive in a dad-mobile sounds exciting.

Some will say “but the new Chevy Blazer”….. Who cares… sources say that around the corner is an even meaner Explorer that will be more than 600 hp and AWD similar to what’s found in the Focus RS today. Should be interesting to see if there will be a drift mode in this application. The one thing it’s missing is a manual gearbox. Well…. @Ford… 3-Pedals good, 2-pedals bad.

For now, we put the all new 2020 Explorer under the Photoshop knife with 5 variations seen below. Let us know which version you would like us to actually build!

James Stanley