VFR Badge

The VFR Badge

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Over time, the original VFR stickers on owner’s vehicles have faded, been scraped off, scratched, and just plain don’t look good any more. In addition, it’s been kind of hard to tell which vehicles are actual VFR vehicles since many people have purchased a set of stickers and plastered them onto everything from Honda Civics to Chevy Silverados….

In comes the new VFR Badge. These multi-layer gel dome badges look cleaner, higher-end, will lost years longer, and they’re ONLY AVAILABLE TO OWNERS! The only way you’ll see these badges on a car is if it was placed on the car by someone from the VFR team. You can’t buy these!

If you have a VFR vehicle, and your stickers are looking a little tired, or you peeled off the original stickers and you like these new badges, or if space monsters came from…. outer space… and stole them off your ride, come on in and see James or Sid in the Parts Department at our Oxnard store and we’ll get you rolling with some new VFR Badges FOR FREE.

With the name change to Vista Motorsports, there is a limited number of these badges available, so get yours sooner than later!

  • Must be a Vista Ford Lincoln built VFR Vehicle

  • Must bring vehicle into the service drive for verification and installation

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