Introducing 'Vista Motorsports'

VISMO Full Color Verticle With Black Text.png

The number one question we have been getting lately is “Why did you get rid of VFR?”. Well, the answer comes in multiple parts.

“Why the name change?”

1. Vista Ford Racing limits us to ‘Ford’ vehicles only. While we are huge fans of Ford cars, trucks and SUV’s, we want to modify everything! While we don’t sell new Corvettes or Jeeps, we do sell pre-owned ones and we have customers come in regularly with all makes and models of vehicles that they want us to modify. By dropping the Ford Brand in the name, this opens us up to ALL years, makes, and models of vehicles to modify.

2. Trademarks: Vista Ford Racing has “Ford” and “Ford Racing” in it which are both trademarks of Ford Motor Company. ‘VFR” is a trademark of Honda as they have a “VFR” model Motorcycle. Vista Motorsports is now our trademark!

There were some other smaller reasons for the change as well, but this sums up the major reasons for the name change. Besides the change in the name, there are many other changes from VFR that will be announced soon that we are bursting at the seams to blurt out, but one thing at a time.


Is my VFR vehicle now a Vista Motorsports vehicle?”


Now does this mean that you’re going to miss out on future events and promotions? Not at all. Your VFR vehicle was built as a VFR vehicle, and will always be a VFR Vehicles. You’ll still be invited to all of our events and be included in all our promotions.

“Can I still get VFR badges and stickers?”

Yes. We have a healthy stock of VFR badges and stickers available for purchase and for replacement for your car. If you haven’t seen the new VFR badges, you should head on over and get yourself a set for your VFR vehicle quickly! For VFR Vehicle owners, faded VFR stickers on the vehicle are always replaced for free with new stickers or upgraded to the new badges. Stickers can still be purchased from Sid in the parts department. These replacement stickers and badges will only be available while supplies last, but to be honest, we have a ton.

As always, if you have any questions, Contact James or Sid, our Vista Motorsports Team Specialists at our Oxnard Location Parts Department.